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Interview etiquette​ for employee

Interview etiquette

The behaviour, language, and empathy that one candidate deploys during a job interview are known as interview etiquette. It is very important to behave properly in front of interviewers for getting a good job. In the contemporary globalized world, the number of job seekers is rapidly increasing; as a result, competition is also rising. Due to increasing competition, the job seeker should make strategic preparation to crack the interview. Throughout the interview process, one candidate should maintain proper etiquette to impress the board members of the interview. There are some common rules which a candidate should follow before giving an interview.

  1. Rehearse

There are some common questions that the interviewee is generally asked during an interview. Some questions, such as ‘why do you want to work for this company? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where do you want to see yourself in the upcoming five years?’ and many other questions about reading hobbies and providing experience and academic career are generally asked in an interview. Candidates should prepare insightful answers to these types of common questions.

  1. Brush up on body language.

Proper body language helps to enhance the personality of the candidate and it also helps to impress the board members of the interview. For instance, it can be said that sitting with the arms and legs crossed gives a massage that makes the candidate feel defensive. On the other hand, keeping the arms on the lap during the interview gives the message that the candidate has lost confidence. Twirling hair and loss of eye contact indicates that the candidate feels nervous. So, candidates should maintain the right sitting posture, firm eye contact, and proper language during an interview.  

Interview etiquette​ for employee

Interview etiquette for interviewer

3 Dress up properly

Proper dress-up helps to express the personality and choice of the candidates. Therefore, a candidate should maintain proper dress up, such as a dark suit and crisp white shirt for male candidates and a saree and salwar kameez for female candidates. Candidates should wear clean dresses with light make-up. On the other hand, a candidate should avoid strong perfume. Dangling earrings, multiple and clanking bracelets

Keep smiling

A smiling face is a sign of a positive attitude. A candidate should maintain a positive attitude during the interview process. However, a job interview can be considered a high-pressure situation for a candidate, but freezing up and looking nervous may reduce the points. Therefore, natural smiling helps a candidate to appear confident, friendly, and approachable.

Ask question

A candidate should keep in mind that an interview is a two-way street. Interviews provide the opportunity to express the talent of the candidate for getting a good job. On the other hand, candidates also should learn about the company to see if the position and the environment are appropriate for them

Send a proper Thank you

At the end of the interview, a candidate should express gratitude to the interviewers. It helps to express a positive attitude towards the board members of the interview. 

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