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Teachifers Trick and Treat Day

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Work life can actually be full of fun. The Teachief Academy has proved it (WHERE WORK IS FUN). As a reward for its workers, the firm threw a Halloween party on Saturday, November 4. All staff members are expected to wear black, red, and orange clothing. It is acceptable for staff members to dress like their preferred dark character.

The company’s game room was designed with the same motif in mind. The room’s decor was altered with pumpkin chains, hanging spiders, paper bats, and skeletons made of earbuds. The staff members were free to take photos and have the greatest time possible. The thrill doesn’t end here, as the management has lined up some delightful treats for its closest and dearest that were served with spine-chilling horror stories shared by the employees. Overall, it was a creepy and pleasurable Saturday.

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